I feel pain when I share my thoughts with others.

IG, one of the primary platform I use, is designed to provide harmful content. When I shared my opinion on climate change, inequality, effort behind art performance, and so on, those posts didn’t get many reactions. Because detailed thoughts can not trigger the emotion easily.

IG users expected posts to be shiny stuff, such as cute puppies, fantastic magic tricks, and joining tons of social events, but those “shiny stuff” and “life highlight reel” is not really hulpful and cause depression.


I love Medium.com, which is the website you are browsing. People create quality content and articles here (others create much better than me). However, I found some great people don’t have time to write well-structured articles or make high-quality YouTube videos, but they also want to share their thoughts and those contents.


I vision that readers can share their thoughts in this place, and users can improve themselves with those opinions. I want to create a place where people can keep other toxic content from their minds and enjoy reading and thinking.


“In the zone” is a mental state in which a person feels a high level of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in a specific activity. I hope users can have their zone when they explore thoughts.

Finally, I hope that with this, the world can be a better place. Thank you for reading this article instead of scrolling IG.


Andy Chou, the guy who started ThoughtZone.

The Guy who starts ToughtZone