“Obvious, boring concepts”

Sometimes we know, but we don’t

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When we read some articles/books, including the one you are reading, we might think : “I knew this. This concept is so obvious and boring”. If we ask some random people on the road: “Should we focus on something truly important” the answer is an obvious “Yes.” And why do we read “The 80/20 principle”? If you ask others, “Is improving yourself every day and keeping discipline important?”, the answer will be another obvious “Yes.” So why do we read “Atomic habits”?

The problem is, for those who answer “Yes” or read the books/ articles, how many people adopt the concept in their own lives and improve themselves? Maybe not all of them. People receive an idea, but not all of them adapt it to their life. Therefore, in this way, many readings seem not that meaningful, including this article, because we already knew it. Is that correct? Probably not.

Steph Curry, the best basketball shooter and one of the best players in the NBA history, is the true master of 3-pointers. Obviously, he knows the shooting skills, timing, and everything else. However, does he stop watching other players shooting because he already knows? Of course not.

We can consider our thoughts and mindset as an artwork, things that will never be perfect. I am something of a magician myself. When we design an act, we try to achieve perfection. One of the ways we do this is to watch others acts, discuss with others, get feedback and rethink how we can improve.

However, it’s impossible to achieve perfection. Even if perfection does exist, what is the meaning of that? None, nothing. Perfection means no room to improve, and all the intelligence, hard work, and research are meaningless. Perfection means desperation. For an artist or scientist, it is a paradoxical dilemma but also a motivation. I think our thoughts, mindset, and life may go the same way. They are all artworks.

Of course, it might be a boring, obvious concept, but with those “boring concepts”, I can keep improving my artwork/life and avoid one of my biggest fears — stop thinking.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you somehow benefit from it.



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